Michael Schiavo Speaks Out.

St. Petersburg Times

"Come down, President Bush," Michael Schiavo said in a telephone interview. "Come talk to me. Meet my wife. Talk to my wife and see if you get an answer. Ask her to lift her arm to shake your hand. She won't do it."

She won't, Schiavo said, because she can't.


He said U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who is leading a charge to extend Terri Schiavo's life, is a "little slithering snake" pandering for votes.

"To make comments that Terri would want to live, how do they know?" Schiavo said of the members of Congress who want to keep his wife alive.

"Have they ever met her?" Schiavo said. "What color are her eyes? What's her middle name? What's her favorite color? They don't have any clue who Terri is. They should all be ashamed of themselves."

He also asked "Why doesn't Congress worry about people not having health insurance?"

After paying for 15 years of healthcare for his wife, I wonder what his financial situation is like. I wonder what the impact of bush's new bankruptcy laws are on his financial situation.

Update: Michael Schiavo was awarded a million dollars in a malpractice lawsuit, and that is how he was able to pay for Terri's care. Medicaid has also kicked in.

So if bush had it his way... The most that Michael Schiavo could have been awarded would have been $250,000 (aka tort reform), and on top of that republicans want to cut her medicaid benifits as well.

...and now, if Michael goes bankrupt, he will have to liquidate everything he has with the exception of his house which is protected under Florida law.

Just another example of Compassionate Conservatism at work.

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