A big Ol' Can of Whoop-Ass

Petitioners have previously litigated their claims in state court and now, in effect, seek a review of various state courts’ decisions involving Mrs. Schiavo[...]

But this Court is not an appellate court for state courts’ decisions.


Additionally, Petitioners have failed to satisfy the elements for a temporary restraining order. A party seeking a temporary restraining order must establish that: (1) there is a substantial likelihood that the moving party will prevail on the merits;[....]


Having reviewed the Petition, the Court finds that there is not a substantial likelihood that Petitioners will prevail on their federal constitutional claims. Accordingly, Petitioners’ Emergency Petition for Temporary Injunction is denied.

You can read the whole thing at The Left Coaster


Could someone please tell Matt Drudge that (two hours later) we are not still "waiting" for the judge's decision...

We may however be "waiting" to see how Drudge spins it.

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