Another day, another judge, another no...

It seems like Terri Schiavo's fate has been determined, and I wanna take a moment to reflect on all of this.

First of all, the "my heart goes out to the parents" people aren't helping anyone.

Instead of sending them your best wishes, try sending them your shrink's phone number. 'Cause lets face it, these people need help. Their hopes and dreams have become open wounds that people, looking for political or financial gain, continue to pick at. No wonder they're nuts, I would be too after 15 years of this shit. Even their own lawyer does it!

...and the "starving her is cruel" people can bite me.

If it wasn't for them we could give her a morphine drip and look the other way.

...and the "liberal judges legislating from the bench" people can fuck off.

By taking away Terri's right to medical privacy, the same right that gives her the ability to decide her future, they hope to do away with everything covered by right to privacy including (...wait for it...) abortion. Ya just knew the pro-lifers were gonna stick their noses in didn't ya...

...and then there's the hack-tacular republicans that did everything, but nail Terri to a cross for photo ops...

82% of Americas think the republicans went to far.

Now that is some bad math. I don't think I've ever seen such a bad political move. If 82% think you over stepped your bounds, and 13% think you didn't do enough, then that leaves only 5% of the American people that think you did the right thing...


And that just leaves us with the true believers; that 13% that Jeb Bush can never do enough for. I heard Pat Buchanan say that Jeb should send in the troops, that the Tenth Amendment (the one that give states rights) is dead.

These are the people that are gonna tear the republican party apart. It's one thing to be part of the out of power party, looking at the world passing you by. But it's a whole different matter when your party controls the House, the Senate, the White House, the Governor of Florida, and, in this case, almost all of the judges, and they still can't get the job done.

Who do they turn to after this?

Maybe they will take a good look at America, and what our founding fathers really wanted it to be. Freedom of religion includes freedom from it. I wonder if they will ever understand that.

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