You know you're in bad shape when....

It's breaking news that you're still alive.


Yes, I know it's bad karma to make fun of someone on their death bed, but so what...

I think it's strange that I have no real feelings on the Pope dying.

Sure it's sad when anyone dies, with the exception of Ann Coulter, but for the most part, sad. But the Pope did just as much bad as good, and I have no real opinion of him. I do however know that he had a lot more to do with the German Wall comming down than that fruad Reagan ever did, so kudos there, but he also promoted the belief that humans are "special". This whole no birth control crap is destroying the planet, and no one will listen because "we're all God's children".

I hope the next Pope puts humanity before Catholicism...

...which is latin for the teachings of Cathol.

Just incase you were wondering.

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