Republicans To Punish McCain

The Washington Times

Sen. John McCain has once again enraged Republicans by publicly opposing Majority Leader Bill Frist's plan to employ the so-called nuclear option for ending the filibusters against President Bush's judicial nominees.


Mr. McCain particularly outraged conservatives by telling Mr. Matthews that Republicans have done the same thing to Democrats in the past, a point that Republicans dispute.

Conservatives responded yesterday by coordinating a three-pronged attack on the Arizona Republican aiming to either flip him or kill any hope he may have of running for president again in 2008.


"He will have no presidential hopes if he pursues this course," said Manuel Miranda, a former Frist staffer who now chairs the National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters.


"If Senator McCain refuses to stand up for fairness, it will damage his carefully crafted image and whatever aspirations he might have," said Marshall Manson with the Center for Individual Freedom, one of the groups in Mr. Miranda's coalition.

Just copying and pasting what these slimeballs said makes my skin crawl...

...hope I didn't get any on me.

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