Toothpaste cancer alert

from This is London

Dozens of toothpastes sold at supermarkets are at the centre of a cancer alert today.

Anti-bacterial cleaning products, including dishwashing liquid and handwash, are also affected.

Researchers have discovered that triclosan, a chemical in the products, can react with water to produce chloroform gas. If inhaled in large enough quantities, chloroform can cause depression, liver problems and, in some cases, cancer.

After working a 10 hour day I'm too tired see straight let alone form a coherent thought, but considering the amount of anti-bacterial crap I have in my house....

I'm thinking class action lawsuit.

...and for all you republicans out there thinking that this is no big deal:

Clorox + anti-bacterial whatever + subway = terrorist attack

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Hoodlumman said...

I like this Republican math:

dems + Reid + "Yeaaaargh" Dean = reps winning elections

There's your winning formula!