Alaskan Oil Spill


An estimated 1.4 million cubic feet of natural gas and an unknown quantity of crude oil spewed from a leak in a pipeline at the Prudhoe Bay oil field on Alaska's North Slope, state environmental regulators said on Tuesday.

The resulting mist of crude oil coated an area nearly a mile long and averaged about 300 feet wide, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said in a statement.


The cleanup will be conducted "as long as it takes," [BP spokesman] Andrew Van Chau said.

Ya gotta fuckin love the arrogance of BP. Not only did they fail miserably at something that they, and other big oil companies, have been claiming that they could do safely for years (drill in Alaska), but on top of that... on top of destroying a mile long swath of land...

They send out their spokesman, and announce that They Will Obey The Fucking Law And Clean It UP!!!!!!!!!!


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