My New Job Is Hurting More Than My Blog

I am in pain...

I'm doing hard labor for 9 or 10 hours a day now, and I gotta tell ya, it hurts.

...and in more ways than one.

Lets start with the obvious. My arms, shoulders, legs and back are throbbing with pain 24/7. I thinks I'm getting shin splints too.

The worst part, however, is that sooner or later every crappy job leaves a person wondering "is this it?", "is this all there is?".

One of the guys I work with told me "I've been doing this for 15 years, and I got nothing to show for it." He latter added that he never has time for his kids, and once he started in on whether or not there's an afterlife, it became pretty plain just how much real pain he's in.

The news this week for the physical future is that junior, who gets A LOT of $$$ from big corporations, 42 million just for his inauguration, is thinking about raising the retirement age for Social Security. All the proof you cold ever want that junior has never done a hard days work in his life. If he had he would know that there's a whole portion of the public that sacrifices it's health for its pay... And they can't fathom a raise in the retirement age.

...add to that, the republican's new bankruptcy law, and it feels as is the government has declared war on the poor.

from Here & Now

House lawmakers last week approved a permanent rollback of the estate tax. The bill still needs Senate approval, but Democrats are expected to block it.

The tax mostly affects the nation's super-rich, including the Walton family, owners of retail giant, Wal-Mart, who have lobbied for its permanent repeal.

As far as I know only the nation's super-rich pay an estate tax (estates valued over 3 million), and to say that the poor won't be affected is a lie.

Who the hell do you think is going to make up the difference?!?

On the spiritual front, we got a new Pope this week. Seems nice enough. Kinda has raccoon eyes, but we'll give him a chance. They say he's a defender of the "little people"... unless they want to wear a condom... or are gay... He may have been part of the SS??? Could have rounded up gays as far as I know....

On second thought, this Pope sucks.

"Were they sending a message to liberal American Catholics?" is a popular question. I don't know, but I am a liberal American Catholic, so let me just say this to the Vatican:

You're loosing us. You put your own rules before what's good for the world. You seem petty, and intolerant. You can't just tell us what the Bible says, and expect us to believe it anymore. We can read for ourselves.

More and more, we don't need you.

More and more, we have learned to speak for ourselves.

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Hoodlumman said...

What is your suggestion to saving SS? Doing nothing isn't an option.