Pope Suffering Forever in Hell!

So claims man on MSNBC's Scarborough Country


BUCHANAN: All right, let me follow up on that, Marty Minto. You are an evangelical Christian who believes you must be born again in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, correct?

MINTO: That‘s correct.

BUCHANAN: All right. And the Holy Father, you do not know whether or not he was born again, correct?

MINTO: That‘s correct.

BUCHANAN: All right. Let me ask you, there are an awful lot of people in this world—let‘s take Chinese—who aren‘t open to the whole idea of Jesus or being born again, because they don‘t hear the word. Do you think the heaven—the gates of heaven are closed to them?

MINTO: Well, I believe in the words of Jesus himself, because I believe Jesus was God revealed to us in the flesh.

BUCHANAN: All right.

MINTO: And Jesus said himself, unless...

BUCHANAN: What do you say, then, in following what you believe—I understand your belief.


BUCHANAN: Do you think they could enter the kingdom of heaven?

MINTO: Unless they are born again, unless they have trusted Jesus as the only way to get to heaven, no, I do not believe they will enter...


BUCHANAN: All right. Let me ask you, do you think Jews can get to heaven if they do not embrace Jesus Christ and are born again?

MINTO: No, I do not believe that Jews will get to heaven either.

BUCHANAN: I know this is a belief, because I know a number of evangelical Christians. They are very sincere and true in this belief.

MINTO: Sure.

BUCHANAN: And it‘s been very controversial.

Where do you think, then—let‘s assume Pope John Paul II was not born again, as you would describe it. Where do you think his soul is now?

MINTO: Well, the Bible says there‘s only two places, heaven and hell. And to be with God is to be in that place called heaven, to be in his presence.


MINTO: To be separated from him is that place called hell. It‘s a place of torment and suffering forever and ever.

...almost forgot about it.

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