The House is set to approve an energy bill that would open an Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling and provide billions of dollars in benefits to energy industries, but critics say it does little to reduce the nation's thirst for oil.

What's the point? Any oil pulled out of A.N.W.R. is just going to be sold to Russia, because it's not worth it to ship it all the way to the U.S.!! What a fuckin joke!!

The House bill also would shield the makers of MTBE, a gasoline additive that has prompted dozens of lawsuits over drinking water contamination, from defective product liability claims. The issue was blamed for scuttling energy legislation in the Senate in 2003.

I hope the republicans, who support protecting the makers of MTBE, have to watch their own children die of cancer. Cancer caused from drinking water contaminated with MTBE's.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, has insisted that the MTBE liability waiver be included

Has it become a rule?

Does every story about a disgusting abuse of the American people have to have a Tom Delay quote supporting the abuse?



Hoodlumman said...

Russia is an oil exporter. We import over half our oil. Why would Russia buy oil?

We also have that Alaskan pipeline to bring it to us.

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Rob B said...

Actually, from experience, we keep the oil or ship it to Japan. They pay more, especially for Liquified Natural Gas.

That being said, if the US was producing more oil and OPEC decided to jack up rices falsely or use oil as leverage politically, we would be able to decrease the effect on prices and supply while we take over thier countries. It's a viable long term stratagy.

The Warrior Lost said...

The pipeline only gets the oil to the sea... The closest country is Russia, who the oil will likely be sold to with the hopes of lowering the global market price for oil.

In a perfect world we would exchange our oil for the oil Russia gets from a country closer to us...

However they end up working out the fine print doesn't matter. A years worth of oil pumped out over 5 years, ten years down the road, isn't going to help America in the long run.

The real goal for bush is to drill off the coast of Florida, California, and in the nations wildlife refuges.

ANWR is just the first battle. And this is more about bush' ego then energy independence.

This is sad. This isn't helping America. It's only making us more dependant on oil.

This country need to find an alternate source of energy, and it needs to find it now.

Hoodlumman said...

Alternate energy is a good thing. But all in all, oil is still dirt cheap. Economics will drive energy change.

Right now it seems every new model car has more horsepower than the previous. And we Americans keep buying them. That's ok, we can afford it. But as oil prices rise and rise, things will change.

And it won't be politics or forced legislation (I hope). It will and should be economics.

All oil in every nook and cranny of our planet will be extracted. It's not an 'if' - it's when.

Rob B. said...

Don't count on selling to Russia as a sure fire thing. Especially since Russia's energy bureau has all but cut off forgien allowances for bidding on mineral and drilling rights. That type of global isolationism will more than likely cause embargos in turn.

However, to claim that ANWR drilling has to do with more with Bush's ego than energy dependence is somewhat shortsighted. You were more on par with the statement about drilling off the coast of California because that is going to be a major issue that will happen eventually. I know that Cali will hate it but I'll bet that it gets done regardless.

I don't see how drilling ANWR is making us more energy dependant, however. That one passed me by. I also don't feel that it's sad considering that my company is going to be drilling in Alaska soon. All the early 70's concern over the environment has forced the industry to become environmentally safe, more effecient and have less effect with a wider reach. Pat your eco loving self on the back, you've helped make drilling better, not worse. And as far a the moose, bears and birds are concerned, they ignore the infrastructure from drilling for the most part, unless the use it for shade.

The Warrior Lost said...

"I don't see how drilling ANWR is making us more energy dependant, however. That one passed me by"

It's a mentality thing. This thinking that drilling in ANWR is going to fix all of our problems isn't healthy.

What's sad is that we are wasting time argueing about drilling for oil, when we could be working on the next generation. On what comes after oil.

I don't think it will be a simple solution. I think it's going to take a long time.

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