Remember when they used to do Exposé's? They'd film buying a car, let an expert watch the film, and then explain to everyone how they got screwed...

Whatever happened to that?

I'm listening to some jerk on C-Span. A Texan no less. Oh-wait they just put his name up. Jeb Hensarling... Now ol' Jeb is comparing the rate of growth between family budgets and the government. As if they have anything in common! Who cares if the average family budget grew at a rate of 3% (I doubt it), and the government's grew at 50% (doubt that too)... It's meaningless.

Now I don't expect the host to correct ol' Jeb. The hosts on C-Span don't get involved in issues. They are truely "Fair and Balanced." And it's not what they're there for. C-Span is nothing more than an outlet for people who want their message to be heard...

...but CNN isn't C-Span. So would it kill 'em to tell us when someone is lying? MSNBC and FOX pull this crap too. The phrase "this debate will surely continue" has become code for "you're such a fuckin liar!, and we'd point that out... but we're out of time."

One such lier recently went on CNN to discuss Texas' new law making it illegal for gays to become foster parents. I yield to The Daily Show's Jon Stewart who, in this "Gaywatch" segment, asks the question "Why don't you call them on their bullshit on the air? You're an anchor for fucks sake!"

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David R. Mark said...

FYI: A transcript of the Daily Show segment is available at Journalists Against Bush's B.S., at http://jabbs.blogspot.com

That blog post also includes background on the Illinois "study," and why Stewart was correct to call its author a "knucklehead."