Tom Delay is SO Screwed

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay apologized Wednesday for using overheated rhetoric on the day Terri Schiavo died, but refused to say whether he supports impeachment of the judges who ruled in her case.

Too little, too late. Even Newt Gingrich crawled out from under his rock long enough to get a few shots in on Delay (sounding much like Gollum):

"DeLay's problem isn’t with the Democrats (*gooolum, goollum*); DeLay's problem is with the country"

Delay's defenders are pointing out that other pol's hire their family to work on their campaigns too.

An article from points out the big offenders. Like Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis, of California who paid his wife $111,000 to be his chief of staff.

Now that article says that Delay's wife and daughter pulled in more than $500,000 so we can safely assume that both made more than twice what Jerry Lewis' wife made.

The next big offender on their list was New York Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop who paid his daughter Molly $46,995 to be his 2004 campaign's finance director.

Approximately one fifth of what Delay paid his daughter.

...and that's Delay's biggest problem.

It's not so much what he did, as it is, how over the top he did it.

No one cares if you hire your wife to run your campaign, but if she's cashing in like she won the freaking lottery... well that's another story.

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Hoodlumman said...

That $500,000 figure is for his wife and daughter over a multi-year period. Five years, I believe. I think his daughter got 40k a year and his wife 60k a year.

So it's not like winning the lottery. Maybe to you it is. Nice work, sleuth.