How Would You Fix Social Security?

I get this question a lot. It's usually posed towards liberals in general, something along the line of the dems have no ideas, and just complain. Blah, blah blah...

How would I fix SS? That's easy...

Raise Taxes.

...and I don't mean raise as increase, I mean raise as in "fundraise".

Just look at the problem with illegal immigration. Illegals don't pay taxes. The scumbag that hires them don't pay their share either.

Just closing the border would raise some serious tax revenue.

And instead of spending tax dollars on putting drug users in jail, why not put them to work on public works projects? That would save some serious tax revenue. If they slack off, get mouthy, or lazy, then you can throw them in jail. They don't even have to work really... You could dock someone's pay a dollar an hour for six months for smoking pot, doing that would give us a lot more money then footing the bill for a six month stay in prison.

Why not close some of these corporate tax shelter loopholes that cost the American taxpayer billions every year?

Is as if we're giving them a tax break for outsourcing.

Fixing that would lower most Americans tax burden, and shore up Social Security.

...and wouldn't that be something.


Hoodlumman said...

Regarding illegal immigration, I'm with you. I disagree with Bush's obsession, it seems, to want to implement a guest worker program, essentially rewarding folks for coming to the US illegally. Funding for shoring up border security has been slow coming, too. I agree w/ your immigration idea.

Prisoner public works projects I like, too. That used to be common back in the old days, it seems. Now prisoners are treated better than lots of low-income Americans.

Tax loophole closure. Let's go. However, tax reform resistance is very bipartisan.

Would these generate more tax dollars? One and three definitely would. Would it be enough? Probably not, but I've haven't done any math for it, either.

For good reasons and research on the benefits of SS reform, visit for "Reform Thursdays."

Good stuff...

Rob B. said...

One issue to point out, the drug abusers working idea needs some revision. I used to work for the government and let me tell you this: working in a building built by the lowest bidder is one thing, one built by "high" non-skilled labor is another. Other than that, they could pussh mops or what not.

Immigration, your right on the money.