The Social Security Changes in a Nutshell

A few people sent me email either asking me to explain what the hell the new changes will mean for Social Security in the long run. A few people told me what they thought the changes meant, and they really weren't getting it.

So this is my breakdown of the new changes in a nutshell:

1) The new method of calculating Social Security benefits serves two purposes. The first is to confuse and distract people from the second, which is to lower the over-all amount of Social Security benefits.

*Do not focus on the new formula, it only serves to distract you from the real issue. Benefits will be cut by one third*

2) By putting some of the money invested into Social Security into the stock market, young people are being sold on a chance to recover some of the benefits that have been cut.

"The Social Security Stock Market Lottery" would be an appropriate name for the "chance to recover lost benefits" that is being offered to young people.

...and one more thing.

If for 4 months out of the year someone took your mothers Social Security check, and gave her a lottery ticket, wouldn't you be pissed.

...this is just bush's way of destroying a social program he never believed in, in the first place.

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