Peggy Noonan: Right Wing, Martha Stewart Wanna-be

I hate this bitch.

Not because she's a right wing hack, but because she's so much worse than that.

I was reading her column today, because someone pointed out that she went after bush in it. That's news because it's totally out of character for her. Here are a couple of highlights;

The inaugural address itself was startling. It left me with a bad feeling, and reluctant dislike...


The president's speech seemed rather heavenish. It was a God-drenched speech. This president, who has been accused of giving too much attention to religious imagery and religious thought, has not let the criticism enter him. God was invoked relentlessly. "The Author of Liberty." "God moves and chooses as He wills. We have confidence because freedom is the permanent hope of mankind . . . the longing of the soul."

This mild mannered criticism, hidden after a lavish description of everything but the drapes, was described to me as harsh... What is truly harsh is being tricked into reading what must be Peggy's job resume to the world, submitted in the hopes of becoming the next Joan Rivers of politics.

...but this gets to the heart of my hate for Peggy Noonan. She's more concerned about how something is said, than the context of what is being said. Chris Matthews is guilty of this shit too, so it's no surprise that Nooner's often a "guest" on his show. Either that or he's just trying to get some... I'd bet nickels to dimes that no one would have ever heard of Ann Coulter, if it wasn't for the fact that Chris Matthews wanted to stick his dick in her.

but that's neither here nor there...

The next time you find yourself listening to Chris Matthews praise Ronald Reagan, pay attention to just what he's saying. Matthews rarely talks about Reagan's actual policies (Trickle Down, Iran Contra, Ketchup is a vegetable, Aids? Never heard of it), instead he goes on and on blubbering about how Reagan sold his policies.

He likes to use phases like "Reagan on taxes; How powerfully the man spoke", completely leaving out the fact that Reagan's actual tax policy was a disaster.

...and since Noonan wrote Reagan's speeches. Matthews has her on MSNBC every time there's some big political brewhaha. Sounding a lot like the evil Martha Stewart of politics.

It's a damn shame that, in today's political world, actual policy plays second fiddle to the opinions of a former speech coach.

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