The Butcher's Bill


President Bush pleaded for Americans' patience Wednesday on what he conceded was "a very discouraging day" of death and violence for U.S. troops in Iraq. He urged Iraqis to defy terrorist threats and vote in Sunday's elections.


"The enemy would like nothing more than the United States to precipitously pull out and withdraw before the Iraqis are prepared to defend themselves."

Is it just me, or does junior pay more attention to what the "enemy" wants, than what Americans want...

from the Guardian Unlimited...

Quoting Lt Gen James Helmly, chief of the US Army Reserve:

These "dysfunctional" policies are producing a crisis "more acute and hurtful", as the Reserve's ability to mobilise troops is "eroding daily".

The US force in Iraq of about 150,000 troops is composed of a "volunteer" army that came into being with the end of military conscription during the Vietnam war. More than 40% are National Guard and Reserves, most having completed second tours of duty and being sent out again.

The force level has been maintained by the Pentagon only by "stop-loss" orders that coerce soldiers to remain in service after their contractual enlistment expires - a back-door draft.

The truth is bush has exploited our military. He cites Vietnam as an example of when Americans failed their troops, He's wrong. Vietnam, and Iraq, are examples of how American Presidents fail our troops.

Stretched too thin, tired and wanting to come home, the soldiers in Vietnam broke, both mentally and physically, under the stress of war. Many came home as empty shells of what they once were.

...and george w. bush is a poor student of history.

When the soldiers come home from Iraq, they won't be the same as before. War changes a person for the worst, and these soldiers have spent too much time in combat.

Even worse the programs that would be used to reintegrate them into society have had their budgets cut too.

The only question left is; How much more will goerge bush want before it's all over?

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