Don Imus; Republican Tool

I was listening to Imus this morning, and was left in shock. I really mean it, I was shocked, 'cause it sounded to me like Don Imus was challenging Rush Limbaugh for the republicans "Top Tool" award.

Yesterday Senators Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd led the charge against Condoleezza Rice's nomination for secretary of state. The AP credits them as saying:

"Dr. Rice is responsible for some of the most overblown rhetoric that the administration used to scare the American people into believing that there was an imminent threat from Iraq," Byrd said.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts charged that Rice, as Bush's national security adviser, provided Congress with "false reasons" for going to war. Had she not, Kennedy said in a speech, "it might have changed the course of history."

Now this is where Don Imus comes in. This morning on his show [between jokes about a (I assume blacks? I was only half listening) sticking a Frisbee in their mouth to make their lower lip stick out, and Mike Barnicle saying the he hopes Imus get a face like a Ukrainian (?!?)] Imus unleashes the theory that Byrd really opposes Condoleezza Rice because she's black. As proof of this he points to the fact that, 60 years ago, Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Klan...

...and I guess for Don Imus that's enough. Too bad he has no sense of history. 60 years ago the Klan was little more than a frat, a club, a union... it was a lot like today's Moose or Elks club, or dare I say VFW. The Klan it's self didn't start of as racist, but at a time when 80% of Americans were racist, it seeped in, and over time the Klan became what we know it to be today.

So is Byrd a racist? I dunno... it's hard to tell what's in the man's heart. But for 50+ years Senator Byrd has been a part of the democratic party. He has become a champion of civil rights, and has earned the right to the benefit of the doubt when in situations like this.

What does all of this have to do with black woman succeeding a black man?

Not A God Damn Thing!!

The black woman in this case is nothing more than rubber stamp for junior's failed policies. When asked to defend the filthy lies she told to the American people, this weak excuse for a human being proclaimed "Barbara Boxer is picking on me!".

Republican's can see the writing on the wall. The black population is growing at a far faster pace than the rich white man population. Desperate to stay in power, they're hoping to rub a little bit of their well earned reputation as racists onto the democrats.

Too bad for them no one's buying it. For 50 years Robert Byrd voted for equality, and every time he did the republicans were there voting against him.

It's too bad that media personalities like Don Imus can't see the difference.

...or maybe he's on bush's commentator payroll too.

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