Crossfire Canceled, Carlson Fired

From the NYTimes

CNN has ended its relationship with the conservative commentator Tucker Carlson and will shortly cancel its long-running daily political discussion program, "Crossfire," the new president of CNN, Jonathan Klein, said last night.

Mr. Carlson said he had actually quit "Crossfire" last April and had agreed to stay on until his contract expired. He said he had a deal in place for a job as the host of a 9 p.m. nightly talk program on MSNBC, CNN's rival.


Mr. Klein specifically cited the criticism that the comedian Jon Stewart leveled at "Crossfire" when he was a guest on the program during the presidential campaign. Mr. Stewart said that ranting partisan political shows on cable were "hurting America."

Mr. Klein said last night, "I agree wholeheartedly with Jon Stewart's overall premise." He said he believed that especially after the terror attacks on 9/11, viewers are interested in information, not opinion.

Good Riddence...

Crossfire had become nothing more than a political game of gotcha. Paul Begala was starting to turn into another Alan Colmes. Carlson was was annoying as hell in his role as Mr. "let me give the democrats some advice" guy, and Novak was an inch from anouncing his new membership as a white supremacist with the shit that was comming out of his mouth.

Crossfire's only saving grace was the possibility that James Carville would completly lose control, and beat the piss out of Novak. Something I'm sure we all would have liked to have seen.

...but how 'bout that Jon Stewart eh? Talk about kickin ass, and taking names.

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