Blogging on Bloggers

On C-Span over the weekend they had Wonkette, Andrew Sullivan, and someone I've already forgotten on to talk about the importance of bloggers....

I hate when reporters interview bloggers. They always end up looking jealous. *Gasp! Bloggers Don't Even Have Editors! Gasp!* No shit moron they're not reporters. And in this case they weren't even good bloggers.

Well, Wonkette is ok if you're into that whole gossip thing. The problem is that most of the time her gossip is well... petty.

And Andrew Sullivan should be announced as the "self hating homosexual" everytime he's a guest on anything. Not because he's gay, but because he's a republican. I mean... How does that happen?

Blacks don't join the clan. Whites don't join the Black Panthers. Jews aren't lining up to form the new nazi party. So how the hell can Andrew Sullivan be a republican?

...and the same goes for Drudge.


My biggest problem with these people representing bloggers everywhere is that, for the most part, Sullivan, and to a lesser extent Wonkette, are just stupid. A few months ago when Sullivan was on "Real Time with Bill Maher" he made a total ass out of himself. And as I looked over his blog today, I see that he was duped into believing that a VW ad, where a VW survived being used as a car bomb, was real. What the hell did he think? That VW's new slogan was "Our Cars Don't Blow"?

O-Well... could've been worse. Could've been KOS again.

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