Christy Todd Whitman Is A Coward

I just watched her backpedal from remarks in her book on Hannity & Colmes... Pathetic.

First I'd just like to express my willingness to appear on Hannity & Colmes. If ever I were to appear, I would first stick a finger into one of Hannity's eyesockets. I would then push through, jabbing my finger as deeply as I could, digging out pieces of brain with sadistic glee. Please Sean! Please Invite Me ON Your Show!!!

...and since LeAnn Rimes was on there too, someone needs to organize a boycott as punishment. Sad bimbo peaked at 15. Her looks have been going down the toilet ever since...

But back to Christy. If you don't have enough spine to stand up to the likes of Sean Hannity (or better yet, kill him), then get out of the way. No one wants to read a book written by a coward.

Colmes wanted to make her a Democrat... Like the DNC doesn't have enough cowards in it already.

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