Michael Chertoff Conspired To Commit Torture

The New York Times

Mr. Chertoff's previously undisclosed involvement in evaluating how far interrogators could go took place in 2002-3 when he headed the Justice Department's criminal division. The advice came in the form of responses to agency inquiries asking whether C.I.A. employees risked being charged with crimes if particular interrogation techniques were used on specific detainees.


One current and two former senior officials with firsthand knowledge of the interaction between the C.I.A. and the Justice Department said that while the criminal division did not explicitly approve any requests by the agency, it did discuss what conditions could protect agency personnel from prosecution.

How is it not a illegal to advise someone, who you know is going to commit a crime, on how to avoid prosecution?

This is the piece of shit bush picked to be the head of homeland security?!?!?!

What the hell was he thinkin?!?!?

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