MTV Markets Pornography to Children


Conservative watchdog group Parents Television Council blasted MTV as "smut peddlers" Tuesday, accusing the music cable network of targeting young viewers with oversexed programming.

The PTC found fault with the teen-targeted network based on an examination of 171 hours of programming that aired the week of March 20 last year, during its annual "Spring Break" celebration. The analysis, contained in a report titled "MTV Smut Peddlers," spotted 13 sexual scenes per hour in MTV's reality series, as well as 32 instance of foul language per hour in its music videos.


The report declared reality series "Making the Band 2" the channel's most offensive series, chronicling 208 instances of foul language in four total hours.

An MTV spokeswoman said, "[removed for the sake of reality]"

We need to give the FCC power over cable networks. They got Missy Elliot rapping about sex acts while 6 or 7 year old kids dance around with her on the stage...

...what the hell kind of message is that?

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