And Now for Something Completely Different

Lara Flynn Boyle went nuts on a flight to London. She stripped naked, climbed into bed with some guy who was sleeping, and then told him "We're landing, get your clothes on"...

Quite possibly the greatest practical joke... ever.

On a more serious note, Kylie Bell has accused over rated rapper Snoop Dogg of rape. Bell, who is an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist, claims Snoop Dogg drugged her, then gang rapped her with his friends, in his dressing room after a tapping of "Jimmy Kimmel Live". This was all back in 2003, and would likely be brushed under the rug as just another woman looking for money if not for the fact that...

*Bombshell Alert*

ABC!! and Snoop Dogg were paying her off!!!!!!

...and the only reason we know about any of this is because Snoop Dogg's ' insurance company refused to "pay a portion of the compensation previously promised" by the rapper's legal team'. You can read all about it at The Smoking Gun.

As far as I'm concerned, I think ABC should be charged as a conspirator after the fact. They even knew about (if not provided) the drugs.

...and then there's this, Zoeller, ABC's Vice President and Attorney for Jimmy Kimmel Live, stopped paying her bills when she refused to hire the lawyer recommended by Zoeller. The lawyer, he recommended, encouraged her to drop the case.

Scumbags... fucking scumbags...

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