GannonGate and the Media Fallout

So it seem that the mainstream Media, often referred to as MSM by lame people, is going to retaliate in some form or another against bloggers. They're calling bloggers "headhunters", and are claiming that GannonGate is little more that an example of trophy hunting. They think bloggers are being petty. They think the story is "overblown", (all pun intended). I think that, (as usual), the big media is bending over backwards to protect the White House and the conservative reporters that cover it.

Let's be clear here. A gay male prostitute named Jim Guckert, a man that no one had ever heard of, was issued White House Press Credentials under the made-up name Jeff Gannon.

If the White House knew who he was, then this is an example of propaganda that you would expect to see in a documentary about Nazi Germany, China or North Korea. The questions he asked could have been, and potentially were, written by Karl Rove, himself.

And IF the White House didn't know who he was, then he could have, just as easily, been an Al Queada terrorist. This Could have been a national security failure not seen since 9/11. He could have killed the president.

Now I don't really care if bush lives or dies, but the fallout could have, literally, started World War 3. So it's only logical to ask how this could have happened. How does a male escort go from sucking dick on Friday nights, to sitting in the White House press room asking the president about Joseph Wilson. How is it that the name of the CIA agent, charged with preventing a nuclear attack inside of the United States, was revealed to him?

Just whose dick was Jim Guckert suckin'? Personally I'm thinking Matt Drudge, but that's only because of Drudge's total lack of coverage of this story... And besides Drudge isn't important enough to get "Jeff Gannon" into the White House. No, Jim Guckert must have been involved with someone who had real clout. Someone like Scott McClellan.

If Scott McClellan isn't the weak link in this chain then he must know who is. Scott issued the press credentials, so asking him who recommended "Gannon" isn't out of line.

...but don't tell that to this tool, who thinks this is all a joke, and even went so far as to make a entry for Atrios at Gay Singles Online. Boy that's funny... [/sarcasm]

The problem is that, even though it tries to be, GannonGate isn't funny.

And the Mainstream Media just rolls it's eyes. They don't care about how he got into the press room, they don't care about the security leaks, they don't care about propaganda, they only care about themselves, and their ratings... They sold out a long time ago...

In the end James Guckert was just one whore in a room full of 'em.

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