Watergate Redux

So, I guess we are gonna find out who Deep Throat is this weekend...

It's hard to believe a scandal back in the early 70's (72-74) still garners this much attention when Republicans got caught stealing Democrat strategies just last year.

...and our media could care less about it.

from Boston.com (The Boston Globe)

Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Commitee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe.

From the spring of 2002 until at least April 2003, members of the GOP committee staff exploited a computer glitch that allowed them to access restricted Democratic communications without a password. Trolling through hundreds of memos, they were able to read talking points and accounts of private meetings discussing which judicial nominees Democrats would fight -- and with what tactics.


Democrats now claim their private memos formed the basis for a February 2003 column by conservative pundit[/plant] Robert Novak that revealed plans pushed by Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, to filibuster certain judicial nominees. Novak is also at the center of an investigation into who leaked the identity of a CIA agent whose husband contradicted a Bush administration claim about Iraqi nuclear programs.


The computer glitch dates to 2001, when Democrats took control of the Senate after the defection from the GOP of Senator Jim Jeffords, Independent of Vermont.

For nearly 3 years bush, and his republican flunkys, stole strategy secrets from the Democrats.

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