bush Gives Aid to Companies Killing Americans


The Senate approved a measure Thursday to help shield businesses from major class action lawsuits like the ones that have been brought against tobacco companies, giving President Bush the first legislative victory of his second term.


"The reason why this bill is the highest priority of the Bush administration and the Republican leadership in Congress is because of one simple fact: Class action suits moved from state courts to federal court are less likely to go forward, to be tried, and they are less likely to reach a verdict where someone wins or loses," said Senate Democratic Whip Richard Durbin, D-Ill. And if the plaintiffs win, businesses are "less likely to pay a reasonable amount of money in federal court than in state court."

You'd have to sue for at least $5 million before they would even hear your case... So does that mean that unless a company has done 5 million in damages it cannot be sued?

I smell a campaign slogan...

Republicans: Protecting Big Tobacco From The Law Since 2005

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