A Cure For Cancer?

I woke up this morning to some goofball, on my tv, hocking his book on curing all kinds of things, among which was cancer. Now I don't pay much attention to people selling stuff at 5 in the morning on cable news channels, but this guy really stood out. He said something along the lines of "if you make your bodies ph level more alkaline you will never get cancer." The qoute might not be right, but that's the jist of what he said, and it got me to thinking... Why hasn't the FDA locked this guy up? He actually said something about the FDA, but at 5 in the morning the film on my teeth was of more importance, so I wasn't really listening...

Still, he made a very bold comment so I decided to look around the internet, and see what I could dig up...

Turns out the guy was telling the truth.

Atleast as far as I can tell, he was. Sites like this, and this will tell you all about it.

...but it really makes you wonder about the world we live in. Here could be the cure for cancer, but since there's no profit in it, no one cares.

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