Fuck the Right!

My hate level is boiling over.

CNN (at the time of this post) has the Tsunami death toll at 135,000, and they're leaving out the current estimates that now put the death toll at over 400,000. If that estimate holds up, it would make the Tsunami death toll 134 times greater than that of 9/11.

So how has the right reacted?

Well junior has decided to undercut the U.N., by turning Tsunami aid into an international pissing contest.

RawStory has this: A press release from the Westboro Baptist Church titled "Thank God for Tsunami & 2000 Dead Swedes!!!", and be sure to visit their website at GodHatesFags.com

...and then there's Bob Novak.

Novak implied that since the Tsunami affected countries were bad with money and lazy, They Don't Deserve Any Foriegn Aid!

On the topic of Tsunami aid, on the CNN show CrossFire, Bob posed this question to Albert Wynn:

Do you agree with the little bureaucrats at the U.N. that we ought to take the money from the developed parts of the world, where we have good economies and worked hard, and give it to the unsuccessful parts of the world just as a gift?

Fuck all of 'em!

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