Big Numbers, Bad Policy

The Quake/Tsunami death toll estimate is now 68,000, and as if that wasn't bad enough, disease and starvation could claim just as many in the aftermath.

Pissed about being called 'stingy', Colin Powell coughed up another 20 million in aid, and lashed out at those who raised an eyebrow at the U.S.'s initial offering of 15 million. For the sake of context, the E.U. has given 30 million. You should also keep in mind that if every American gave the Tsunami victims a dollar, that would make the U.S. donation 295 million.

My two cents falls along the lines of this story posted on MSNBC, in which the authors point out that bush blew it completely. America makes giant strides in world opinion when given an opportunity to show it's generosity. By sitting on his ass out at the ranch, junior has once again made us more enemies than he's worth.

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