The Broken Media...

MSNBC has a BIG problem named Joe Scarborough. It's their own fault too. In their rush to find the next O'reilly, (or as they said in memos they sent to each other explaining the reasoning behind the firing of Phil Donahue, they needed a "presidential cheerleader") so they went out, and hired Joe Scarborough. Despite the fact that he had no experience in the media, they hired him. Despite the fact that a lot of people were still wondering if he had killed his intern, MSNBC hired him.

...and tonight on Scarborough, they're going to interview a reporter who can prove that there was a link between Saddam and Binladen with regards to 9/11.

I'd like to be the first to say BULLSHIT!

...and shame on MSNBC.

I'm sure they'll justify it the same way the media always does; "We report the truth. We are just reporting what said reporter said. We never said that what said reporter said was true."


...It's some twisted gossip game. It's like a political version of he said, she said. Is it any wonder that Bill O'reilly, who comes from the world of celebrity gossip, has the highest rated show on a cable news network?

One of the biggest media polling taboos today is to ask the American people a question. Because time and time again the American people get it wrong. They think Saddam planned 9/11. They think bush found WMDs. They think the swift boat vets told the truth. And when confronted with the fact that Americans have been misinformed major media figures feign shock, and pretend to be surprised.

The other day Chris Matthews was asking a guest why the American people believed the swift boat veterans when everyone (in the media) knew they were lying. Well gee Chris, maybe it had something to do with the fact that you had them on your show every night for a week. Chris thought that there was something "deeper" going on. That the American people, and even the swift boat vets, were punishing Kerry for his actions during Vietnam.

I think the American people were misinformed by a man with a head shaped like Tweety Bird.

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