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A wounded soldier's journey home

We hear about the killed soldiers in Iraq, sometimes. But you never get to hear about the wounded soldiers. There have been more then 10 thousand American soldiers wounded in bush's war on terror, and our media up until now has completely ignored them.

...and don't get me wrong, Matthews has been a big supporter of the "see no evil" clause when it comes to covering the impact of the war on terror. Heaven forbid someone in the media might actually say something that undercuts bush's support. Even if what they reported was Glaringly True, they'd still be labeled partisan or liberal.

Well tonight you'll get a chance to see for yourself what the right has been hiding. Our men and women, our soldiers, our heros coming home from Iraq missing arms, legs, and in one case a soldier missing everything from the waist down. Coming home only to be ignored by their country. Pushed under the rug, with medical bills they could never begin to repay.

Praised as heros, and then left to die.

Just another example of the morals of the religious right.

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