CNN Continues to Smear Howard Dean

Ever since that whole "howl recorded with a directional mic", I've been very leary of the folks at CNN.

Yesterday on their show Crossfire, they had Bob Novak and the Rev. Al Sharpton discussing, amongst other things, Howard Dean.

The never put on trial, traitor Bob Novak attacks Dean often on the show much like the way he rapes the truth, and exploits the country, with zeal. The Rev. Al Sharpton was there to "balance" the ultra-conservative Novak, but his history of attacking Dean is well known. Sharpton has never been one to support those he perceives as political rivals.

...and like so many times before on CNN attack, after attack, on Howard Dean's character was thrown out, and left unanswered.

You may think I'm being petty about this, but I'm not. Again and again, on CNN this same scenario plays out. Ultra-right vs. lame duck. I notice the Dean attacks more, but it happens other topics as well. And just for the record, the regular hosts Paul Begala, and James Carville are right-leaning, "clinton" democrats that often label more traditional democrats as a bunch of "kooks".

So if CNN, again and again, is setting up situations where traditional democrats are treated as out of the main stream, shouldn't they change their name to FOX?

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