...just a few days 'till Christmas.

Isn't it about time for karl rove to do something disgusting!??

...speak of the devil!

The Newly, 'bush' Ammended National Forest Management Act
(political launguage translated)

_Give regional forest managers more discretion to approve logging and other commercial projects within two or three years by streamlining environmental reviews that now take up to seven years. (made forest managers bribable)

_Relaxed (scraped) a requirement to protect fish and wildlife in national forests so species do not become threatened or endangered. Instead, the rules direct forest managers to take into account the best available science to protect air, water, wildlife and other natural resources at a landscape level. (forest managers will now make their decisions based on impact studies provided by logging companies)

_Require independent audits of all forest plans, using a process known as Environmental Management Systems.(always give your 'evil' plans a cute name) The Forest Service says the system accounts for changing forest conditions, while emphasizing science and public involvement. (science = bad, public = loggers)

_Do not promote or discourage any particular forest use, such as recreation, grazing, timber harvest or mineral development. Decisions regarding such uses will be made on a forest-by-forest basis, (as too keep the cost of bribes low), and will be informed by local conditions, science and public input, officials say. (local yokels, and bankrupt municipalities are no threat)

I got a question... If you use your local forest for let's say; recreation, grazing, timber harvest or mineral development, is it still a forest?

The plan also would scrap wildlife protections established under President Reagan and limit public comment into forest management decisions

It seems like bush really likes to limit public comments.

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