Republican Values in the News

More bush tax cut fallout.

First off, after declaring that PBS is liberal republicans cut it's funding. The president of PBS claims that the cuts will begin a "spiral of death for public broadcasting".

...and then, republicans cut funding to the U.N. The repubs claim it has somethig to do with the Sudan being on the U.N.
Commission on Human Rights... Why? Is there something on in the Sudan? I haven't heard bush give any speeches about the Sudan. The repubs claim it has something to do with the oil for food scandal too... You know, that 'scandal' that george w. bush fully supported.

...just add them to the list of 150 other programs that the republicans have already cut funding to.

In other news. "The World Health Organization has said acrylamide may be responsible for up to one-third of all cancers caused by diet." Potato chips are loaded with it, and required by law to put warning labels on their bags, just like cigarettes. But thanks to republican govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger they haven't had to.

And it turns out that doing drug testing on foster children with Aids is a bad thing.

And since we don't want to interfer with the free market, porn will soon be available for the Playstation Portable (PsP)

And it turns out that Terry Schiavo was infact dead already. Half of her brain, mostly the part that controls higher functions, like thought, was gone. The tissue had died, and been absorbed by her body. She was blind... She wasn't smiling at anyone. She was not responsive.

So what does the republican Govenor of Florida do, when it turns out that he was wrong, had interfered with a persons right to choose their medical treatment, and exploited a tragedy for his own political gain... Why he launches an investigation into whether or not her husband caused her injuries.

I think someone should investigate whether jeb bush is an actual disciple of Satan or if he's just pretending to be one.

...and then there's this:

george bush jr's former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor thinks that george bush jr may have been behind 9/11.

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