Oops... My Bad.

I'm sure that a lot of you out there are wondering why I haven't been posting much. It's because I started a new job, it's good money but the hours suck, so I won't be able to post as often... atleast not until everything settles down.

...and until then comments are off for two reasons.

(1) The republican trolls can go post at their own damn blogs and (2) I had to go through, and clean out an absurd amount of spam. Porn site spam, and worse blog spam. A.K.A. some dirtbag(s) saying "Great Post! If people want to know more about this topic they can read about it at my blog at blah blah blah.com..."

...said dirtbag(s) even ask me to link to them while explaining how they would link to me, if they could, but their host doesn't allow them to link to blogger.

...and I'm just to busy to put up with this shit.

So No Comments!

...but feel free to keep on e-mailing. I do read them. Just not regularly.

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