Chris Matthews: B-Movie Bad Guy

I've been busy, so I didn't post about this, but since then, I've had some time to think it over...

Chris Matthews is evil.

First of all he voted for bush, who is known the world over as a war criminal, an abuser of human rights, a strike first, make up a reason later, cowboy... And he even got offended when one of his HardBall 'guests' said that he was being to hard on ol' bushie. "I voted for him, how can you say I don't support the president?" bellowed a bewildered Matthews.

Do ya know a how low budget b-movie bad guy slowly kills his victims? The way they do it with a sadistic glee? So that you really hate the guy, but without the expensive special effects?

That's Chris Matthews.

Sure he killing the left, but without the big bucks back up of a Fox News.

Where Bill Oreilly goes out, and declares himself 'fair and balanced', and threatens to sue anyone who mocks him, Chris has to lurk in the shadows, and make creepy noises... (ha-ha-ha-ha, shee-shee-shee-shee, who-who-who-who)

Take for instance his attack on one of his pro-choice 'guests'. Chris jumped all over this woman for saying that she was 'pro-choice'. He asked her 'Why don't you just say you're pro-abortion?' as if he had just cut through some masterfully crafted facade. 'Cause that what you are, pro-abortion' he declared.

He forgot to do the evil 'mmwwaahahaha' laugh though...

But this is where Chris' true colors start to show through, using a republican talking point to confuse the issue. Being pro-choice doesn't automatically make you pro-abortion, so stop acting like such a smarty pants, Chris.

Being pro-choice means that you think you can make your own damn medical decisions. That you think it's bad enough that your HMO wants to tell you what to do, and you sure as hell don't want Tom Delay telling you.

What the hell are doctors for anymore, anyway? HMO's, the religious right, Viagra... If they had their way the only thing your doctor would know is when to shut the fuck up. (Which is when they're talking.)

...and why does Matthews think that overturning Roe V. Wade would automatically make abortion illegal? Laws change everyday, and you can bet your ass that the so called 'liberal states' would enjoy the tourism. Not to mention Canada, and Mexico.

No. The Roe V. Wade debate is a pro-choice debate. Abortion is just the way Chris, and his buddies on the right, like to change the subject.

And someday when you're sitting at home rubbing a crushed Enzyte pill on your toe to treat your athlete's foot.... if you listen closely... you'll hear Chris Matthews laughing...


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