You Want Him? You Got Him.

The DNC's silence on Roberts has a lot of people wondering what they're up to. Well let me fill you in, it's called spite. It's the 15 year old screaming "I don't care!", it's the resentment of not being able to change one's circumstances boiling over.

The American people have grown apathetic, and they don't think what Washington does affects their day to day life. They treat politics like football, and as long as their team is winning, they're happy. In the long run they don't care about the details.

They want lower taxes, and then they bitch about everything from potholes, to troops not having bullet proof armor. They don't understand that if they don't pay their taxes, they can't have the other stuff. They don't understand that, when jr. lowered taxes for the top 1%, the government still needed the money, so in order to get it they raised taxes on everything from houses to cigarettes.

They don't understand what 'judicial activision' even is. They hear the republicans whine about it, and just roll their eyes. They don't really believe that Roe V. Wade will be overturned, and even if it is, they don't think they'll ever get pregnant, or whatever they tell themselves...

...but the right to privacy covers everything from choosing what form of medical treatment you want, to using contraception. Republican hate contraception, they even refuse to fund clinics that teach birth control. If you don't have a right to privacy, then they can pass laws that make using a condom illegal, and can you imagine the congress determining the best way to treat a medical disorder? Making it the law of the land that if you get disease x, then you must use treatment y.

...After all a person treating their cancer with prayer could be considered to be attempting suicide...

So let 'em have him. Let them sit back and watch as the zealots appeal every precedent set over the last hundred years.

...and when the American people ask the democrats why they didn't stop Roberts from getting onto the Supreme Court, the dems can say "you wanted him, and besides the RNC controlls the House, the Senate, and the Presidency..." then they can sit back coyly and ask "what did you expect us to do about it?"

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