Abortion: A Natural Part of Being a Good Mother

Something about stuff being 'natural' is really important to republicans. Just ask gay people. They'll tell you that republican are Really Big on stuff being natural. Like when it comes to the law.

But natural law isn't the only thing republicans are big on. They like natural herbs, medicines, flavored soda pop.... If it's natural they like it, so why hasn't anyone pointed out to them, that abortion is perfectly natural?

There's a cat in my back yard. It's starving. Being a liberal, I don't like to see things suffer, so I feed it. It hasn't been fixed, and I don't want any kittens, but it can't get pregnant, so I have no worries about it hanging around. "Why can't it get pregnant?" you may be wondering. Because it's starving.

Natural birth control! Starving animals don't have babies. Well.. I guess sometimes they do, but for the most part no, and for good reason. Making a baby takes a lot of nourishment, so if mom doesn't have any to spare, her reproductive stuff shuts down.

A starving momma, that can't feed herself, won't be able to feed a bunch of babies. Now will she?

And what, you may wonder, happens when a momma gets all preggers, and then there's a food shortage? Why what's only natural... She aborts them.

If it's still early in the pregnancy her body may just absorb them. Failing that, momma will likely eat her young. For everyone who just went 'eww', this is all perfectly natural!

Momma knows that she can't feed them, and that they will most certainly die. And why risk feeding one of her natural predators, when she needs a meal herself? It makes sense from a 'natural' standpoint.

So why do republicans think that the cat in my back yard should have more family planning options than I do?

...maybe they're just big supporters of Jonathan Swift.

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