From 'DeapThroat' to 'Deep Doo-Doo'

If you've been watching the 24 hour news channels, you probably don't know that Karl Rove was outed for leaking Valerie Plame's name to any one who would listen.

The corporate sponsored media doesn't like it when they are denied the rights given to real journalists, and have gotten all huffy over the Supreme Court ignoring their pleas for protecting their sources...

Whaaaa..... Cry me a river.

Telling the world Valerie Plame's name was not journalism. It was revenge, and it was treason.

And if a democrat had done it, they would have been executed for high crimes faster than bush used to fry 'em down in Texas.

...but our media works for the same corporations that bush works for. And they don't ask hard questions anymore.

Valerie Plame's job was protecting America from a nuclear attack. She doesn't do that anymore. So did Karl Rove's behavior increase the threat of a nuclear attack on America?

...And if a nuke goes off in Time's Square will our media connect the dots? Will they ponder aloud about whether or nor Valerie Plame could have stopped it?

Of course not!

They'll be too busy talking about shark attacks.

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